a new way

by Lee Christian

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released January 1, 2012



all rights reserved


Lee Christian Oxford, UK

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Track Name: a new way
Honey let your hair down, Would u like a little drink?
Just a little something to loosen you up, Not so you’re teetering on the brink
I want u conscious present and involved, i want your full and undivided attention
Wanna see both eyes on the show, Cos tonight i’m ready willing and able to perform
Yeah tonight i wanna show u things i should be ashamed to say i know,
Well there ain’t no reason to be scared girl, There aint nothing goin on but love
But if fun and sex come in the deal, Then just choose all of the above...
Baby dont’ wanna learn a new way?
Cos by the loks of it that old way ain’t been getting u very far
Maybe if u care to swing it this way
Baby then the fun can really start
Baby you’re so special and so clever, Baby well you’re the best girl ever
Well you’re so sexual yet intellectual, Yeah u must be an extra-terrestrial
Cos baby i ain’t seen nothing like u never
Well girl i ain’t no player but i don’t mind a couple of games
And i can’t say i’ll care if things get wild, I’ll be the tIger u can tame...

Well you’re coming up to a crossroads, aint nothing ever gonna be the same again,
Cos the decisions that u make tonight may come back to haunt u in the end,
I said your coming up to fork in the road, gotta choose a direction now,
Tell what’s right and left
Well the choice u make is yours and only yours, u gotta live with your own regrets,
And if you’re looking for revelations honey, then just come take me by the hand,
Just jump right on and we can ride each other’s backs – all the way to the promised land,
Yes we can - baby: don’t u wanna try a new way